Smart Agriculture Solution

SKYLIN Farmland Information Monitor-Crops Protection

Satellite Remote Sensing Technology—Image Analysis of crop disease and pests

Big Data Platform —Data Collection, Operation Analysis, Mining Application

Autonomous SKYLIN UAV

Fully Autonomous: Autonomous flight Accurate spraying Intelligent obstacle avoidance

High-efficient Environmental Protection: 60 acers/hours working efficiency Save water and pesticides

Safe and Reliable: Identification verification Real-time monitor Electronic fence

UAV Unattended Platform

The unmanned is achieved with unmanned aerial vehicle

Automatically recharge and refill chemical for UAV

Collect and save data and provide intelligently automatic operation

About us

About us

Chengdu SKYLIN Technology Co., Ltd is a technologically innovative enterprise with artificial intelligence as its core to provide integrated agriculture service. Founded in June, 2013 Skylin’s headquarter is located in Chengdu High-Tech . Skylin is committed to developing and producing unmanned

  • AI Equipment

    AI equipment specialized in plant protection UAV

  • Internet+Agriculture

    Build up online and offline Internet+agriculture ecology

  • Agricultural Big Data

    Big data platform based on operation analysis and mining application.

  • Customized Program

    Provide customized and intelligent agriculture solution for different scenario and demands

  • Integrated Service

    Provide all-round services to customers

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